The Royal Bean

wonderful coffee and the best place in Maine to hang out

Ah, the experience of a great cafe.  We all can make good coffee at home, but sometimes you just need to get out.  For meeting with friends, reading the New York Times, surfing the web or just gazing into your coffee and thinking about the day, nothing beats a nice cafe.

Enter The Royal Bean.  Your host Jim Meek has brought us a special cafe - close by in Yarmouth, Maine. This large, airy space, provides comfortable couches, great music, people you know and excellent, excellent coffee and tea at fair prices.  The espressos are pulled by hand.  The drip coffee is made one cup at a time, and on any given day, you'll have the choice of a nice variety of coffees roasted in different styles and from different origin countries.  The tea selection is vast and well thought out, and the baked goods are made right up the street in Freeport. 

And the coffees are roasted nearby at Freeport Coffee Roasting, of course.