About Freeport Coffee Roasting

Born in 2008, our funny little coffee business is dedicated to offering great and affordable coffee to our friends and neighbors here in beautiful Freeport, Maine. 

We love coffee and we love roasting it.

Our selections always include our signature espresso blend Misty Morning, Road Trip! Dark roast and a naturally processed decaf, usually from Central or South America.

We also rotate through a selection of single origin coffees that changes with availability and growing cycles.  We usually offer beans from Sumatra and Guatemala, and our other favorites include Ethiopia, Kenya, Costa Rica and Colombia.

In town, you can pick up our coffees at Bow Street Market and Wealden Farm, and the Floating Farmers Market may come visit you in the summer on one of our nearby islands.  We deliver to many in our town, and for those from away, we ship via USPS Priority Mail.

Check out the Save link to find out how to get our coffee for less and the Learn link to expand your knowledge of origins, brewing and storage.  And click Newsletter if you’d like to join the mailing list.

And please drop us a note if we can help with anything else.

Thanks for supporting the coffee.