For those organizations tired of selling chocolate bars, gift-wrap and raffle tickets, Freeport Coffee Roasting offers you a unique and effective way to raise money for your school or group. Here’s how it works:

• We’ll start by having a conversation about your fundraising goals and the audience to whom you will be selling your coffee. At the end of our talk, we will recommend one of our coffees for your group (note that we don’t sell flavored coffee) and tell you your cost (this varies, depending on the coffee you choose).

• We will then send you the specifications for a label (similar to the one shown below) that you can use to design your own label to be featured on the coffee you are selling. You then send it to us in electronic form, and we will send you back a custom PDF order form featuring your label.

• You copy this form and distribute it to your students or members of your group. They take orders and payments, and when the order process is complete, you’ll send us your payment and keep the rest. The profit to your organization is $5.00 for each bag of coffee sold.

• Within just a few days, we’ll roast and package your coffee, and if you are local, deliver it free (those from farther away are responsible for postage).

• You distribute the coffee and take satisfaction in offering a great fundraising premium that reflects the identity of your group.

• If the program works well for you, let’s do it again. Most people drink coffee every day!

Let’s talk and see if we can make this work for you.

Kent Simmons
Roaster, Freeport Coffee Roasting