Colombia Huila Sugar Cane Decaf

Colombia Huila Sugar Cane Decaf

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This is a nice decaf, and one that is in keeping with our goal of selling decaffeinated coffee that tastes as good as the high-test beans.  Our importer sources the green coffee from microlots grown in the Huila region of Colombia, then sends the coffee out for decaffeination by a new method which that combines a water/steam process with caffeine extraction using a solvent extracted from sugar cane. 

For many years, Colombia was the number-one world producer of washed coffees, and the second-largest producer to Brazil. In 2000, Colombia was surpassed by Vietnam, and then the rust infestation of 2008 set them back significantly. Today they are currently in the top five of coffee production with roughly 10 million bags per year. Colombian farmers and citizens alike drink a lot of coffee every day; nearly 20% of their annual production.

Colombia has over 600,000 farms, most of them farmed by small landholders with less than 5 acres nestled in the hills at roughly 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level.  Colombian coffees are commonly known to be big, rich, chocolaty coffees with exceptional fragrance and often great acidity. 

In the you’ll enjoy a smooth combination of nuts and citric brightness.  Roasted medium.

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