Sumatra Reje Gayo FTO

Sumatra Reje Gayo FTO

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Our fair trade organic Sumatra comes from the Reje Gayo Cooperative of Bener Meriah in the Aceh growing region of Sumatra.

This offering is a part of our importer’s Women Coffee Producer Program in which a premium, above the value of the coffee itself, is paid directly to an association of producers that are predominately women.

There are 282 producers that contributed coffee to this specific lot, all of whom are women. These women either own, or manage a farm of an average area of 1.5 hectares. The use of the premium was decided by majority vote taken among all women members at a village meeting. This year’s premium will be put towards purchasing new farm tools: shovels, hoes, saws, and shears for all members. 

This coffee is the highest scoring Sumatra we have ever offered, offering a unique combination of strong berry and mango flavors, a soft, sweet and creamy body and intense acidity.  We too are tempted to serve this in a wine glass.

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